Compressor Oils

Compressor Oils

Capella WF ISO-VG 32, 46, 68, 100

Capella WF oils are designed for use as refrigeration compressor oils. The oils help provide maximum wear protection to refrigeration compressor or system in which they are used.

Chevron Capella P 68 delivers value through: reduced oil carryover; reduced sludging and formation of harmful deposits in the high temperature environment of the compressor; stable viscosity; extended drain intervals; less make-up oil required.

This oil gives maximum protection for critical parts of the compressor provided by high viscosity index, low foaming tendency, and inherent antiwear properties.

Cetus DE ISO 32, 68, 100, 150

Cetus DE oils are synthetic diester-based, oxidation resistant, compressor oils. These  oils are used for portable and stationary rotary screw, rotary vane, and reciprocating compressors. While specific manufacturer recommendations vary, the ISO 32 and ISO 68 grades are most commonly used for rotary compressors, while higher viscosity grades are preferred for reciprocating units.

Cetus Hipersyn İSO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 (Formerly: HiPerSYN oils)

Cetus HiPerSYN Oils are synthetic compressor oils. These oils are recommended for air compressors; especially portable and stationary rotary, vane, and screw compressors, industrial bearings and gears that require an R&O type synthetic gear oil.

Cetus PAO oils

The oils are ultra high performance synthetic compressor fluids. Cetus PAO fluids are recommended for use in rotary screw compressors, single and multistage reciprocating units and single and multistage centrifugal compressors, where an ISO 46 grade lubricant is required. Cetus PAO 68 is suitable for the lubrication of turbochargers in marine diesel engines.

Tegra Synthetic Compressor oils

Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor oils are synthetic compressor lubricants formulated with the highest quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids.
They provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, and excellent hydrolytic stability. Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor oils protect against rust, oxidation, and foaming, and have ashless antiwear properties.

Tegra Synthetic Compressor oils HC

Tegra Synthetic Compressor oils HC is a synthetic compressor lubricant. It is formulated to meet the demands of reciprocating compressors for gases other than air. It is formulated with the highest quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids. PAO has inherent properties, such as excellent thermal and oxidative stability, high viscosity index, high flash and fire points, natural friction reducing ability, and excellent low temperature fluidity, which make Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor oil HC especially well suited for the lubrication of compressor cylinders. The ashless nature of lubrucant  makes it nonpoisonous to catalysts. The purity and thermal stability of this lubricant will substantially reduce the formation of sludge, deposits and sticky residues on compressor discharge valves, piping, and aftercooler tubing.
Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor Oil HC meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, 21 CFR 178.3570, and is suitable for lubrication of ethylene and propylene compressors involved in the manufacture of polymeric food packaging. Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor Oil HC is certified by NSF and is acceptable as a lubricant where incidental food contact may occur (H1) in and around food processing areas. The NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements of appropriate use, ingredient review and labeling verification. Chevron Tegra Synthetic Compressor Oil HC meets the specifications of: • Dresser-Rand Type 3 Oil • Cooper Bessemer Grade 60 Oil.

Cylender oils W ISO 220, 460 и 680

Chevron Cylinder oils W is recommended for lubrication of compressor cylinders and sliding worm gear surfaces in worm drive gear cases. The oils designed to meet the needs of emulsifying cylinder oils.

These oils help provide excellent metal wettability. The combination of oil emulsibility and
metal wetting characteristics result in minimum oil consumption rates and maximum oil lubricity in the presence of wet steam or water.
The metal wetting helps ensure an effective lubricant film on the cylinder walls and pistons of steam pump, and also provides the oiliness properties which are extremely important in lubricating the sliding worm gear surfaces in worm drive gear cases.

Canopus oils 13, 68

Canopus oils are high quality, high viscosity index uncompounded oils with excellent water separating characteristics.They are recommended for use in many circulating oil systems, as cylinder lubricants in double-acting reciprocating compressors, and for the lubrication of both cylinders and running gears of single-acting compressors.

HDAX NG Screw compressor oils

HDAX NG Screw Compressor Oil is well suited to meet the needs of a variety of screw compressors such as Frick, Howden, Mycom, and Ariel. It is specifically designed for use in a natural gas environment and is not meant for use in ammonia or air compressors. This technologically-advanced lubricant, developed with input from major compressor manufacturers, reaches operating pressure faster from cold starts, stays viscous at high temperatures and helps protect from the corrosive effects of sour gas.

Syntholube compressor oils

Chevron Syntholube Compressor Oils are synthetic diester-based, oxidation resistant, compressor oils. Syntholube Compressor Oils deliver value through:

Long lifeChevron Syntholube Compressor Oils have a low sludge-forming tendency and a high
solvency for deposits that help to keep compressor parts clean. Their ability to reduce oil consumption
and carry over; reduce varnish, sludge, and deposits; as well as increase deposit-free valve life
translates to reducing compressor maintenance and energy costs.

Ignition safety — Chevron Syntholube Compressor Oils provide a greater margin of safety than conventional petroleum products because their flash points, fire points, and autoignition
temperatures are much higher. They are not, however, true fire resistant fluids.

Synthetic compressor oil FM

Chevron Synthetic Compressor Oil FM is a synthetic food grade lubricant designed for use in compressors where incidental food contact may occur.