Food processing lubricants

Food processing lubricants

Capella P68 oil

Capella P 68 provides effective wear protection for reciprocating, vane, and screw compressors in ammonia refrigeration systems. . Capella P 68 provides advantages over naphthenic refrigeration oils in the critical performance areas of lubrication, thermal stability, and reduction of oil carryover.

Lubricants oil FM-E

Chevron Lubricating oil FM-E is a food grade lubricant designed for once-through applications such as chains, tables, steam peelers and conveyers where water or juices are present, this oil emulsifies with water and delivers excellent rust protection and lubricity without affecting the taste or odor of food. This oil also can be used as lay-up oil.

Lubricants oil FM ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 220, 460

These oils are premium performance multipurpose food grade lubricants formulated for use in the food processing and other sensitive industries where incidental food contact may occur.

Superla White oils

These lubricants are colorless, odorless and tasteless oils that can be used where food or prolonged skin contract could occur or where odor and staining must be minimized.

Seamer oil FM

Seamer Oil FM was designed in conjunction with the Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Company to provide excellent anti-wear protection, oxidation stability, low foam properties and rust protection in can seaming applications. Lubricant is odorless and tasteless, crystal clear.